Courtesy: Stu Gallagher


Start off the day hiking a trail with sunlight cascading through the trees and a backpack slung over your shoulders to get a real feel for the natural beauty of the Southern Finger Lakes. There's something invigorating about getting back to nature, and breathing in the fresh air. Whether you've set out on your own, or you've entrusted your journey to one of our hiking guides, you'll feel revitalized after spending a day on the trail. If you've chosen to work with one of our excellent hiking guides, you'll learn important skills like land navigation and map reading. Our guides will work with you to customize your hike, either for the afternoon, a full day, or even a three-day adventure!

A great place for exploration is the Finger Lakes Trail, a 950-mile system of trails that meanders throughout the Finger Lakes. Part of the Finger Lakes Trail overlaps with the Great Eastern Trail south of Corning, providing an excellent spot for hiking. Make sure to check out our many hiking trails in the Southern Finger Lakes! To truly reconnect with nature, you might want to stay at one of our great campgrounds.